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Wholesale Accounting in MS Access is our specialty.

Our flagship program:  HAWDA  for Access Access 2003

                            (can also be converted to other versions of Access, but 2003 is the recommended platform)

Hazen & Associates Wholesale Distribution Accounting

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 If you would like to download a demo click here  (30MB)


full .mdb source code



    To develop this software from scratch would take a team of programmers 5+ years and cost over $200,000.

    You get a complete MS Access Program for Quotations, Sales, Invoices, Inventory,

    Purchase Orders, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger.

    If you need customizable software for your business this product provides a great foundation.

    Why spend thousands of hours and dollars when all this code has already been written?

    Includes many advanced features not found in "off the shelf" programs.

    This is a great wealth of sample code!  Use it as a learning tool.  See how the experts do it.

    You can have all this at a price so low that it slashes in-house development costs by over 99%.

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Who we are:

    Microsoft Access VBA Programming and Database design specialists.

What we offer:

    Expertise in easy to use software with specialization in high-end features.

Contact Information:

 Hazen & Associates
           Phoenix, AZ  85053          
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