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Wholesale Accounting in MS Access is our specialty.

Our flagship program:  HAWDA  for Access Access 2003

                            (can also be converted to other versions of Access, but 2003 is the recommended platform)

Hazen & Associates Wholesale Distribution Accounting

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 If you would like to download a demo click here  (30MB)

 (MS Access 2003 is required to run it)


full .mdb source code



    To develop this software from scratch would take a team of programmers 5+ years and cost over $200,000.

    You get a complete MS Access Program for Quotations, Sales, Invoices, Inventory,

    Purchase Orders, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger.

    If you need customizable software for your business this product provides a great foundation.

    Why spend thousands of hours and dollars when all this code has already been written?

    Includes many advanced features not found in "off the shelf" programs.

    This is a great wealth of sample code!  Use it as a learning tool.  See how the experts do it.

    You can have all this at a price so low that it slashes in-house development costs by over 99%.

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Who we are:

    Microsoft Access VBA Programming and Database design specialists.

What we offer:

    Expertise in easy to use software with specialization in high-end features.

Contact Information:

 Hazen & Associates
           Phoenix, AZ  85053          
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Another useful product from Hazen & Associates:  

   Smart Price List  for Microsoft Excel 2000 (and up)    

          Price List     Order Form     Picture Catalog

Does your company offer a large variety of products?  Smart Price List  is an Excel based form that will save you the cost of printing your catalog or price list while giving your customers an extremely easy way to place an order.


Smart Price List Info